Christopher Pennington | Chief Executive Officer | Electronic Security Products Company

Electronic Security Products Company

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Electronic Security Products Company safeguards people, places and property with access control, perimeter intrusion detection, video management systems and analytics, plus a comprehensive suite of proven technologies that work together to cut complexity, improve performance and unify support.

Christopher Pennington a 32-year veteran of the Information Technology Industry formed Electronic Security Products Company™ to optimize IT and Electronic Product infrastructures with comprehensive solutions in the Workplace, Network, and Data Center…

Prior to this venture and Chief Executive Officer position, he served as a Technician, Computer Systems Annalist, Electronic System Integrator, Sales & Marketing Associate, Business Development Manager, Professional Development Manager, Corporate Financial Officer and Corporate Operations Officer.

Pennington was previously employed by Pennington Equipment Company ‘IL’, P&G Insulation ‘KY’, Computer Land ‘OH KY’, PENN-COM Mobile Communications ‘OH’ and Pennington Electronic ‘IN’, located in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, USA.

In his previous roles, Pennington was responsible for brand and strategic marketing and revenue, and oversaw a large employee base with dozens of Electronic Systems Integrator s, sales, service and office personnel. Responsible for a broad range of initiatives including business development, corporate strategic planning, bank and financial institution negotiations and agreements, business partnerships, product marketing, product installation and repair, professional employee development, competitive brand positioning, sales and marketing, advertising and promotions.

Additionally, Mr. Pennington a US Army Veteran holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona, a degree of PC Support and Administration, a degree of Computer Information Technology from Ivy Tech College and holds many certificates from the US Small Business Association, US Government, GSA, US and overseas manufactures.

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